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Folksy Club is a nurturing and educational enrichment space for children. We offer structured gatherings throughout the week, a place space, a practical skill area, and a community of families connected through seasonality, slowness, and making the everyday magic.

making a community

Our club is friendly towards children in the 4-12 age range currently, and younger siblings who want to use the play space or stay with a parent in the cafe area. Above all, we want to cultivate a thriving community of families that share the passion for enrichment, open ended play, nature-based learning, and the ordinary of everyday turned memorable.

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With a Folksy Club Membership, children may attend as many of our structured gatherings as they'd like during the week. These are led by a qualified individual with a passion for teaching & instilling the love of learning in children. While your child(ren) attend their gatherings, you can utilize our separate play space with younger siblings or enjoy our farm-to-table kitchen for coffee or a small meal.

curated spaces

When our structured gatherings are not in session, we welcome you to utilize "open space" times for your individual needs with your children, whether you're homeschooling or joining us after-school. Enjoy use of the "Wonder Cabinet" for educational supplies, learn how to do something new in the Practical Skill area, enjoy the outdoor space, or visit the "Enchanted Art Room" for some artistic exploration.

The Folksy House Space

All of our programming takes place at The Folksy House located in a historic 1800's carriage house on the property of 9060 Main Street in Clarence, NY. Our space includes a tri-level upstairs that has a Waldorf/Montessori inspired play space, a learning table, and a Practical Skill area with a sewing machine, type writer, cataloged library and more. Downstairs hosts an enchanted art room, a farm-to-table plant-based kitchen and eat-in area, and plenty of green spots under old shady trees for all-season outdoor play

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Join Us!

The ordinary arts we practice everyday at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest
-Thomas Moore

Scroll down to view our current offerings for structured gatherings. Members can come to as many gatherings as they would like to throughout the week, and enjoy the space in between too!

For families with busy schedules but really love what we're creating, choose 1-day a week to come and enjoy everything the space has to offer.

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Folksy Club Gatherings - Fall 2021

Pencil Drawing

Cozy Time Read Aloud
M|W|F 2pm - 2:45pm

Gather round, snuggle in and cozy up. We’ll be reading a classic children’s chapter book in the comfort of blankets followed by engaging                             discussions.

Pencil Drawing

Dramatic Arts
Monday 1pm - 2pm

Character development, playwriting and rehearsing, costume design, and the confidence to perform it!

Pencil Drawing

Exploring Music
tuesday 1pm - 2pm

Introduction to the recorder and notation, along with improvisational style group music-making for the feel-good heart of music. Must                          purchase recorder separately.

Pencil Drawing

Poetry & Tea Time
Tuesday 2pm - 2:45PM

Reading, listening, memorizing and observing the thoughtful phonetics in p poetry, its authors, and trying our own                       hand at writing simple structure poems.

Pencil Drawing

Time: Wednesday 1:45pm - 2:30pm

Children will be able to learn about the masters, and utilize our art supplies to create masterpieces of their own in a fun and                        nurturing setting with engaging discussions.

Pencil Drawing

Thursday 11am - 12pm

Historical study with an emphasis on daily and monthly cycles, compass navigation, map-making, and using a globe. We will also be                                exploring early American history.

Pencil Drawing

Spanish & Cultural Exchange
thursday 1pm - 2pm

Introduction to conversational Spanish, counting and culture, along with a connection to a sister program based in the Dominican                               Republic for conversation and friendship.

Pencil Drawing

Handwork/ Knit/Crochet
Thursday 2pm - 2:45PM

Learn basic techniques in finger knitting, needle knitting, loom, and crochet to create  child-treasure items such as seasonal                        enchantments, dolls, and wares.

Pencil Drawing

Nature Exploration
Friday 11Am - 12pm

We’ll focus on different nature-based activities outside, no matter what the season. Children will gear up and head to the backyard or the                       nature path.

Pencil Drawing

Friday 1PM - 2PM

Nature study & curiosity exploration covering topics such as moon phases, life cycles, weather, tree study, bees & pollination, plant                        growth, and forms of matter.

Here is our current line-up of gatherings offered for our Fall Season.

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